Believing, Exploring, and Reaching the universe…

   “I can live,8 I can love, I can touch the heavens above… I can right what is wrong; I can sing just any song…” Every time I hear this song by Regine Velasquez and Janella Salvador, I feel that every day is a day that you need to strive harder because as a teen I have my own dreams and I have goals in life. But as I explore, I experience different happenings in life; I know that there are happiest and saddest part of these happenings but the most important is you survive and you surpass those and I will treasure that moments of my life. The happiest part of life is high school because in high school you can show your true self…

I entered in a peach color eclectic gate with a man who is standing beside a small house wearing a blue polo, blue pants with shining and shimmering black shoes. I know that this is the start of the real battle.

I experience lots of happenings like joining the election for the first year representative but unfortunately I lost but I know that this is not the end. I also qualified in MTAP.

Korina Sanchez, Ted Failon, Noli De Castro

These popular p25eople are known for their great achievements in the field of journalism. When I was in second year and third year, I was trained as a broadcaster and sports writer. These years I experience to be a journalist of my school. This is one of the best experiences that I have ever had because I learn many strategies and tips how to become an effective journalist who made me a good writer and host of different events in our school.

Honestly, when we are in second year, our room was divided into four groups the Bhoksxz, Wilab, Jambergz, and the Dota Experts. But on January 17, 2012, the four groups became one big happy family which the name Vibes Gang was born. This name was formulated by Moniera Concepcion Ramoran. Until now, this group is still ALIVE.leo 1

One of the biggest breaks in my career here in secondary is to be a member of the Sibol ng Lahi Dance Troupe. It is a great pleasure for me to be one of the dancers because my mentors believe on my talent. Dancing is my passion. Because of dancing, I went on different places like in Manila, Pagudpud,Aurora Province and many more. Actually, I am also a Bato Art Dancer in my town.

It is not easy for me to choose between two thorns rather you need to sacrifice. Yes, I experience this situation when I was third year choosing between Journalism and SSG. I cried, I asked, I decided and I choose SSG. Fortunately, I grabbed the position of secretary under the Selfie Party.

I also joined in different pageants like in Mr. UN which I won 4th runner up, cosplay, and Mr. Glamour. I became also a researcher of our school which we landed as the 3rd place in Division level.

Being senior is one of the hardest parts in high school; it is not because the lessons, projects and assignments are difficult but it is all about the last chance which I can be with my friends. After the graduation, some of them will go in different places and school but I need to accept this even I will miss them.26

As we continue exploring and reaching the universe, we believe that all of us will become a great man of our society. As we sing “I can live, I can love, I can reach the heavens above… I can right what is wrong; I can sing just any song…”